3 Amazon Must-Haves for Beginner DIY-ers

3 Amazon Must-Haves for Beginner DIY-ers

As someone who has been DIY-ing and making art for over 15 years, I have learned that a huge part of “doing it yourself” is to also make use of the materials around you. I absolutely love reusing materials around my apartment and spicing them up with DIY projects. It’s way cheaper than going out and buying a piece of decor and it’s also so satisfying to tell people you made something when they ask where you got it. I’m not going to lie, I definitely pat myself on the back when I walk by my desk and see my twine wrapped plastic containers. Peep below for reference and a quick shameless plug to go check out my Reels @mydecorify to see how I made them. I didn’t end up having to buy anything for this DIY and you won’t either if you keep reading and buy these must-haves. All links for recommended products will be in the headings :)

A white desk with twine wrapped plastic containers that were repurposed and to use for holding stationery items such as paper clips, push pins, and binder clips. There is also a little bouquet with white flowers and green leaves.

1 | Hot Glue Gun

For 10 dollars, you get a really good quality hot glue gun with 20 glue sticks to start with. Is that a steal? I think yes! This is the first one on the list because it’s a crafter necessity. I use it for almost every project and it definitely makes my life easier. Other glues can be too sticky or not sticky enough and require more time to dry but this is just a very beginner-friendly product to own when starting to DIY.

2 | Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is very easy to use for new painters, because it’s highly pigmented unlike watercolors but also more flexible unlike oil paints. It’s perfect for simple DIYs like painting a wooden photo frame black for a modern chic vibe or trying out random tik tok art trends like mixing baking soda and acrylic paint. The brand I linked, Arteza, is what I prefer along with Liquitex and I have been using both since I was 6 years old so you know they are versatile. Liquitex can be a tiny bit pricier maybe 5 dollars more so depending on the color palette you are looking for and how committed you are to using the paints, I would go with either one of these. Also, buy some simple brushes to start with of course because duh, you can’t paint anything without a brush. Unless you’re finger painting then by all means don’t let me burst that bubble!




 3 | Twine/String/Yarn

Do you remember when it was super trendy to put up some string and use clothespins to pin pictures of you and your friends? That is one of SO many projects you can try out if you have some fun artsy string on hand at all times. You can make braided coasters, macrame home decor, gift wrapping tags, friendship bracelets, homemade ornaments, and the list goes on. Even tying the silverware on the set table for a dinner with twine in a bow brings such a boho/farmhouse aesthetic and its such a simple touch. There are a variety of different craft projects you can try out if you have yarn or twine and the one linked in this blog is less than 5 dollars. All I’m saying is it is very budget friendly to start getting into DIY and art, especially if you have the basic materials already!

While these are only three “must-haves” to begin your journey of making crafts, as you build your style and find the kinds of art you enjoy, you will begin adding to that box of art supplies. I am always keen on not wasting art supplies (aka my whole mission with my business MyDecorify lol) so I definitely recommend starting small and buying more as you go. I have a collection of washi tape, paint brushes, and stationary that I know I will use and not waste over time because of the kinds of crafts I enjoy. So try and find the things you need and get crafting! Also