MyDecorify brings artwork & art projects to your doorstep!

The three parts of the brand are the DIY kits, the stationery, and the custom artwork and each have purpose in bringing together the founder’s passion for creating and her mission to make it easier for others to create as well.

The DIY kits bring all the materials and instructions you need to create simple home decor and craft projects. The goal is to create a sustainable solution to DIY and allow people to take those saved projects on Pinterest or social media and easily make them at home. Right now we have two kits but are welcoming ideas to curate more boxes for projects YOU want!

South Asian fashion has always been an inspiration for the founder’s digital artwork and as process videos on social media gained traction, these intricate pieces became stationery products that have a little spice. These designs are on notebooks, pens, prints, and stickers and allow customers to have fun touches of South Asian culture on their desks or in their purses.

Lastly, being able to work with brands and clients directly is a huge part of still maintaining a personal touch to the business. The founder is an artist herself and loves being able to share that with the world around her and create work that’s personal to brands and people. From thank you cards, to custom designed notebooks, to gifts for loved ones, we’ll work together to create magic!


Illustrated designs on products


Sold out embroidery kit workshops


Collaborations with fashion and food brands


I’m Nithya - the founder and illustrator of MyDecorify!

I’m Nithya Gundlapalli and I started this brand out of my passion for art and bringing art to more people. I started making art at such a young age from watching Bob Ross to making weekly runs to the craft store with my parents. I absolutely loved spending my weekends painting or going to art fairs. My mom and I would make homemade earrings and other crafts as return gifts for parties and really loved trying all sorts of DIY projects. Most of my room decor growing up, in college, and even now as an adult in my apartment are DIY projects that I want to try out. I am a strong believer of handmade projects adding the perfect touches to people’s spaces and I wanted to bring that to the world through my business.

Art was always a consistent part of my life so venturing into digital art was a natural progression once I began playing around with my iPad and Procreate. I posted my first South Asian inspired piece and got so much love on social media and that was the start of the style I developed and loved the most. Each of my pieces highlights the intricacy of South Asian fashion and integrates luxury western brands in subtle ways to showcase my love for fusion styles. I absolutely love creating my own work along with branded pieces for rising South Asian brands like Aavrani, MOR Collections, RKJ Designs, AARIAH, and the list goes on. I am thankful for such a supportive community for allowing me to take my art dreams and make them a reality!